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Public Health Fund of Ohio


In 2019, the Ohio Department of Health issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the management of a $8 million endowment for Public Health purposes in Ohio.

HealthPath responded to the RFP with a collaborative approach that included the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF). The GCF/HealthPath application was awarded in June of 2020 and the Public Health Fund of Ohio (PHFO) was established as an endowed Supporting Organization of GCF with HealthPath providing operating support.


The PHFO has provided grants to several health clinics and other nonprofits throughout Ohio for COVID-19 related messaging and navigation services. The PHFO will continue in 2023 with a new round of funding focused on suicide prevention. The objectives of the PHFO include public health awareness, innovative prevention strategies, addressing priority public health issues and advancing positive changes in population health.

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