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Connecting Organizations to Strengthen Our Local Communities

We provide intermediary services that connect funders with community-based organizations that understand the local area and can drive results.

HealthPath is a 501(c)(3) organization that works with government, foundations, individuals, or corporations to distribute grant funds and provides technical assistance to support the grantees’ work. In this role, HealthPath is positioned to make a difference in communities by acting as the conduit between a funding entity and a beneficiary organization such as a county office, school, or nonprofit organization.

Funder to Beneficiary Flow Chart

If you need further information, please
contact Eric DeWald, at 513-768-6128.


Practicing the Intermediary Model

How does HealthPath work as an intermediary with funders and beneficiary organizations?


A state agency contracts HealthPath to re-grant $1 million to implement a new program in several counties. The percentage of funds can be allocated according to funder requirements:

Distributed to multiple county agencies to administer programs across various industries.

Used for convening and network building, such as coordinating a kickoff conference and several networking events to share information and conduct training.

Allocated for an evaluation of the overall program.

Used to issue an RFP to attract applications, monitor appropriate use of funds, report outcomes and outputs, and provide training and technical assistance to the subgrantees.


Relevant Experience

HealthPath is a grantmaking organization dedicated to improving the health of underserved Ohioans. Since 1999, HealthPath has invested more than $20 million in community projects that address health issues faced by Ohioans.

HealthPath has expertise in many areas, including:

  1. Strong connections with leaders and organizations in local communities.

  2. Proven track record and culture of collaboration and partnership.

  3. Organizational capacity to offer fiscal agent services, online grantmaking software, online network system, and RFP templates and development.

  4. Staff expertise in grantmaking, evaluation, technical assistance and event planning.

HealthPath has partnered with a variety of organizations, including the following:

Appalachian Regional Commission

Delta Dental of Michigan

CareQuest Institute for Oral Health

Duke Class Benefit Fund

Interact for Health

Oral Health Ohio

Public Health Fund of Ohio

Ohio Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control

Ohio State University - College of Dentistry

Case Western Reserve University Physician Assistant Program

Northeast Ohio Medical Center University

Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

New York University Langone

Oral Health Progress and Equity Network

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