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Foundation Overview

What We Do:

HealthPath Foundation of Ohio focuses on achieving the results of Oral Health, Healthy Ohioans, and Age-Friendly Communities. HealthPath has a 36-county area in Ohio.

Our Vision:

All Ohioans, regardless of status, wealth, or circumstances will have the ongoing opportunity to achieve their fullest health potential. Since 1999, this has been the vision and promise of HealthPath Foundation of Ohio. With an endowment of more than $37 million, HealthPath has awarded more than $21 million in grants to address some of the most pressing, yet neglected, health issues faced by Ohio’s indigent population.

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Working Together:

Change is promoted through workforce development, direct services, community-driven projects, capacity building for nonprofits, and policy work at the state and local level. HealthPath encourages collaboration among Ohio’s many stakeholders, including other funders, government agencies, policymakers, service providers, advocates, and other groups to address unmet healthcare needs. 

Our History

The Foundation was formed in 1999 through a voluntary agreement between the State of Ohio, Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. (Anthem), and Anthem's subsidiary, Community Insurance Company (CIC). A 1995 merger brought the nonprofit CIC under the control of Anthem, a for-profit corporation. The voluntary agreement provided for the preservation of CIC's historically "charitable and benevolent" assets.

HealthPath's 36-county service area represents the former service area of CIC's nonprofit predecessor, a hospital service association known as the Hospital Care Corporation. HealthPath is not affiliated with Anthem Insurance Company.

Our Organizational Structure:

HealthPath Foundation of Ohio was established in 1999 as a supporting organization of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. A supporting organization is defined as an entity that would otherwise be a private foundation except for its relationship with a public charity, e.g., The Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

In most cases, a supporting organization gives an organization many of the advantages of private foundation status, while avoiding some of the economic and administrative disadvantages.

HealthPath is governed by our own seven-member Board of Directors, as appointed by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, with programs being carried out by our staff. 

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