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Working Together

HealthPath Foundation of Ohio encourages collaboration among Ohio’s many stakeholders, including funders, government agencies, policymakers, Ohio Department of Health, and others, to address unmet healthcare needs.

3 Ways You Can Work With Us:

  1. Apply for a grant

  2. Learn additional skills

  3. Volunteer to help create healthier communities across Ohio 

Work with HealthPath

Working to Keep Ohio Healthy

HealthPath works to improve the health of underserved Ohioans.

More About the Foundation:

HealthPath Foundation of Ohio focuses on vital, yet often neglected, health issues to ensure that all Ohioans can reach their fullest health potential:

  1. Oral Health: Ohio’s children (ages 0-12) have healthy mouths.

  2. Healthy Ohioans: Ohioans have access to the resources they need to be healthy, including access to healthcare and healthy food.

  3. Age-Friendly Communities Older adults (ages 55 and older) living in the community are safe and supported.

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