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Creating a Healthier Ohio

All Ohioans, regardless of status, wealth, or circumstances, should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest health potential.

Healthy Ohioans

Since 2010, HealthPath Foundation of Ohio’s Strengthening Ohio’s Safety Net initiative has helped lay the groundwork for enhancing access to health care in our 36-county service area. Because access to care is only a part of achieving overall good health, HealthPath has chosen to focus on creating a healthier Ohio.








There are several health conditions that can be prevented and managed with timely and effective care, thus increasing quality of life and avoiding early death. These include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and some cancers, among others.


Nearly 11,000 Ohioans ages 74 and younger die every year from these preventable conditions, one of the highest rates in the country. Although the U.S. health care system is slowly moving to a more proactive, preventive care system where people are encouraged to go for regular checkups and focus on early intervention and healthy lifestyles, there’s still work to be done.

To ensure that Ohioans have access to the resources they need to be healthy, HealthPath Foundation of Ohio has selected Healthy Ohioans as one of our result areas for 2022-2024

What Influences Health?

Access to care, diet, and exercise play a role in preventing and managing many health conditions, but access to care is often seen as the largest factor. Other factors that influence good health can include:

  • cultural and language barriers to accessing care

  • health care workforce is not evenly distributed around the state

  • lack of transportation  

  • inability to miss work/school for appointments

  • healthy lifestyle choices in diet and exercise


What HealthPath Will Fund?

HealthPath issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Community Connections Grants which provides $8,000 for general operating support for organizations doing work in HealthPath’s focus areas.  We also fund deep, concentrated investments which provides opportunities for multi-year funding.  Requests for Proposals for deep, concentrated investments are issued approximately every three years. HealthPath may also make smaller grants to fund events or other projects aligned with our three focus areas.

Healthy Ohioans
Healthy Elderly Ohioans

Have Questions?

For more information, contact Abby Haynes at 513-768-6125.

“This work involves working with rural communities to recast success as staying home to live and work rather than the old goal of 'getting out' or 'getting away' from rural communities. It involves empowering youth to act as community health entrepreneurs, identifying and addressing rural community challenges with local resources so that they and their community begin to identify them in a healthcare role."

-Dr. Erik Porfeli

Northeast Ohio Medical University

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