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Help build your communications, storytelling, and fundraising skills with HealthPath's technical assistance through webinars and workshop recordings.

For Live, Upcoming Webinars & Events:

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For more information about HealthPath's trainings & webinars, contact Abby Haynes at 513-768-6125.


Education Resources:

Crowdfunding: Unlocking the Fundraising Potential of your Supporters

From January 11, 2017

This webinar introduces participants to the concept of crowdfunding, walks them through a crowdfunding plan, and discusses best practices of successful campaigns.

Choosing the Right Communications Mix

From May 14, 2017

Led by Idealware

Handouts (PDF)

Measuring Your Online Communications

From January 15, 2015

Hosted by HealthPath Ohio

(No Handouts)

Videos on a Shoestring

From March 24, 2015

Idealware’s two-part blog series on basic video skills, with Kyle’s approach to lighting, shot composition, and editing:

From the Front of the Room: Creating a Survivor-Centered Media Response

From November 10, 2014

Video: Something So Beautiful

Guide​ (web page)

From the Front of the Room: Creating a Survivor-Centered Media Response

From December 11, 2014

Hispanic culture edition

Video: Te Invito (I Invite You)

Toolkit: Engaging Men & Boys

Guide​ (web page)

Selecting a
Crowdfunding Platform

From January 25, 2017

This webinar compares and contrasts various online crowdfunding platforms, with the purpose of giving the information needed to pick the right tool for your campaign.

Social Media for
Executive Directors

From May 21, 2017

Led by Idealware

Handouts (PDF)

Successful Email Newsletters and Action Alerts

From February 11, 2015

Includes resources on creating, or revising, your organization's Privacy Policy.

Committing to a New Privacy Policy

Writing a Privacy Policy for Non Profit

Infographics for Outreach, Advocacy, and Marketing

From April 2, 2015

From Data to Design

(No Handouts)

Recruiting and Working with Sensitive and/or Vulnerable Populations

From December 2, 2014

Release forms and presentation are available in the links below.

Impact of Domestic
Violence Exposure

From April, 2017

This report features recommendations to better serve Ohio's children.

(PDF only)

Creating a
Social Media Policy

From May 22, 2017

Led by Idealware

Handouts (PDF)

Telling Your Story Visually

From February 26, 2015

Hosted by HealthPath Foundation

(No Handouts)

Learn Who is Registered for Facebook in Your Geographic Area

From June 13, 2014

HealthPath walks you through how to find out using the Facebook Ads audience tool.

(No Handouts)

From the Front of the Room: Creating a Survivor-Centered Media Response 

From December 8, 2014

Muslim culture edition

Video: Garments for Each Other

Video: Purple Hijab Day

Guide: (web page)

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