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Community Connector Award

The Community Connector Award recognizes an individual or pair of individuals who have dedicated their time and efforts to give all Ohioans the opportunity to achieve their fullest health potential.  

In 2012, The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio launched our Community Connections initiative to engage more organizations and people within our service area through grants, community programs, and volunteer opportunities. In this spirit of connecting communities to the resources they need to be healthier, HealthPath has created the Community Connector Award. 


Eligibility for the Community Connector Award


Nominees for the Community Connector Award must:

  • Demonstrate significant service to HealthPath’s 36-county area and result areas of Cavity-Free Kids, Healthy Ohioans, or Safe Elders.

  • If a team of two, work regularly together toward the same goal.

  • Show long-term commitment to connecting Ohioans to the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their fullest health potential.

Nomination Process

HealthPath Board members, staff, grantees, and community members may nominate a person or team of up to two people for the Community Connector Award. Nominations are due Monday, August 19, 2019, at 5:00 p.m.


To nominate an individual or pair of individuals for the award, please fill out the nomination form:

Have Questions?

For more information about HealthPath's Community Connections, contact Tara Behanan at 513-768-6139.


Community Connector Award Winners

Alisha Harper and Kim Baker Congratulations to our 2018 Community Connector Award winners Kim Baker and Alisha Harper of The Area Agency on Aging 3. They were honored at the Community Connections Luncheon on Friday, June 8, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio. The Community Connectors received an individual recognition plaque and designated an operating support grant of $2,500 to the nonprofit organization of their choice. Find out more about the great community connections these individuals have made.

Read more about our past winners:

Mike Espel (2017) and Cheryl Wheeler and Cheryl Jones (2017)
Nancy Carter (2015) and Dottie Kane (2015)
Kathy King (2014)
Cheryl Boyce (2013)

Kim and Alisha[2].png


To better capture the spirit and essence of The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio’s Community Connector Award, HealthPath commissioned an original art piece and poem by Launa Stan. Launa developed the method of poetry art that uses the words of the poem to create the imagery in the artwork. Her original work Connections was inspired by the Community Connector Award and HealthPath’s work through the Community Connections initiative. Launa’s other artwork can be viewed at

You and I, he, she, they and we
Are individual pieces of a bigger picture
It is the masterpiece of life, so to speak
Much like an intricate puzzle or mosaic
With assorted pieces that bring something of worth
Each of us contributes unique and vibrant ingredients
Creating the effect of grace and elegance
Of love, joy, friendship and unity in purpose
And though some pieces may look different
All have something significant to add
Every person has an important role to play
Providing symmetry, balance and depth
Diversity in saturation and complexity
Each hue possesses vibrant intensity and luminosity
That becomes without compare
The artistry of this well-crafted composition
Like the varied instruments in an orchestra
Each one has a distinct note and nuance
Some make soaring, subtle or sweet sounds
While others emit a more complex timbre
On their own they are sufficiently pleasing
Yet when they offer their virtuosity in harmony
This melodious solidarity conceives symphonies
Concertos, rhapsodies and overtures
Which can stir the imagination and feed the soul
Leaving all who hear-breathless
So thank you, for all that you do
To draw in those who feel detached
Insignificant and forgotten
The ones so certain that they’ll never fit in
The disconnected, as well as the temporarily lost
You bring them community
Show them that they possess value
And you are teaching us all how to appreciate
The exquisite beauty found in varied perspectives
And the richness of individual contributions
Because only when we are fitted perfectly together
Can true connections be made…
Not just connections of the heart
But also those of the spirit


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