Review Community Connections Proposals

Help us make Ohio a healthier place to live by volunteering to review proposals from your community.

Getting Our Communities involved

Recognizing that changes in health and healthy behaviors can only come about if they are rooted in a local community’s strengths, the 2019 Community Connections initiative will focus on organizations that support communities as they identify the changes they want to see and work to reach their goals. 

Not only are we providing grant funding, we are also seeking community members to help us decide what projects get funded. Volunteers on our Community Connections Grant Proposal Review Committees will make recommendations about which projects to fund, learn more about community efforts, and network with others in their regions.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the 2019 round of Community Connections.  The 2019 round is open to applicants from Northwest and Southeast Ohio. We are looking for volunteers with knowledge of these regions or with subject matter knowledge in our result areas of

Cavity-Free Kids, Healthy Ohioans, and Safe Elders

To volunteer for the 2019 round, please complete our online application.  If you have any questions about the process, or if you would like to review in future years, please contact Christine Mulvin at 513-768-6117 or via email

What We Expect From Our Proposal Reviewers

  • Be honest and fair when reviewing and commenting on proposals
  • Give thoughtful, constructive feedback on proposals
  • Preserve the confidentiality of what is written in the proposals and what is discussed during review meetings
  • Attend a 1-hour webinar training session or watch the recording in early February 2019
  • Commit adequate time to review proposals
  • Attend a 2–3 hour proposal review meeting in person with other members of the committee

What Our Proposals Reviewers Can Expect From Us

  • Be prompt with distributing proposals
  • Provide training on how to review proposals
  • Provide scoring guidelines on what we want you to look for in the proposals
  • Answer questions proposal readers may have in a timely manner
  • Create balanced proposal review committees that reflect the populations of the counties we serve
  • Be as accommodating as possible to the schedules of our proposal readers when scheduling training and proposal review meetings


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