Impact of Domestic Violence Exposure

Each year, 168,000 Ohio children are exposed to domestic violence, and this has lasting effects on them.

Recommendations to Better Serve Ohio's Children 

To bring light to this issue, HealthPath partnered with Case Western Reserve University on Impact of Domestic Violence Exposure: Recommendations to Better Serve Ohio’s Children. This report explores the short- and long-term effects and economic impact of domestic violence exposure on children and recommendations on the best way to support them. The paper also lists evidence-based and promising interventions that can reduce the negative effects of domestic violence on children and help build the protective factors that promote resilience.


Among many notable findings, the researchers found:

  • 6.8% of all Ohio children are exposed to domestic violence each year, and 25% will be exposed before they reach age 18.
  • Children exposed to domestic violence have a higher risk of developing behavioral, mental health, cognitive, social, physical health, and physiological problems.
  • By the time a child exposed to domestic violence reaches age 64, that individual’s average additional cost to the economy will be $50,500 due to costs associated with healthcare use, violent crime, and productivity losses. When calculated across a single cohort of individuals—say, the 43,215 Ohio 20-year-olds who were exposed to domestic violence as children—the cost to the economy is $2.18 billion. 

HealthPath has published three documents based on this research:

  • Impact of Domestic Violence Exposure: Recommendations to Better Serve Ohio’s Children. This full report details the short- and long-term effects on children, the impact of domestic violence on parenting, the impact of the legal system on children and families, and the economic impact. It also includes interventions for a variety of ages and situations and the recommendations on what Ohio can do to better serve its children.
  • Executive Summary: This stand-alone document highlights the findings of the report and gives a brief outline of the recommendations.
  • Research Methodology: This document explains the research methods and how calculations were made for the report. 

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